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Susan Young is a Freelance Designer
based in Perth, Australia who specialises in
carving unique visual identities
for individuals and small businesses.

Identity & Branding

Everyone is unique and this translates into your business. In forming a visual identity together we work to uncover the definition of your purpose before developing a concept to visually express your vision. Through the use of colour, pattern, texture, logos and different mediums, I seek to inspire both you and your audience.

Web & Interactive

As an extension of your carefully crafted visual identity, your online platform is potentially an insight into your purpose, creativity and personality – this is your chance to show who you are and why you do what you do. I help you design and develop your custom site from the ground up, paying special attention to clarity and user experience.

Print & Environmental

I understand the gap between online and offline and want to fill it with quality, tactile content. From posters and publications to signage and stationary, I understand the necessity of clear communication.


With an intimate knowledge of your greater vision I can create content to suit your visual identity. I also attend special events to capture those moments you never want to lose.
Hi, I’m Susan Young, a Perth-based architect and designer focused on crafting beautiful content both online and offline. My process is driven by identifying your best assets and then working collaboratively to carve a unique visual identity that will engage your audience. When I’m not designing I love seeing live music, exploring neglected spaces and submerging in the world’s waters.


Peter Hunt Travel Award Recipient

Think Brink About Face Student Winner

Cathedral Arts Prize High Commendation